Military Mobile Cabinet

Military Mobile Cabinet 34D556AF

Treatment Cabinet

Treatment Cabinet 14K735

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Military Mobile Cabinet Features

Military Mobile Cabinet Features

  • All steel, powder coated, Military Mobile Treatment Cabinet ready to serve your needs on land or sea.
  • Top 2 drawers are 4in. H x 27.5in. W x 19in. D; the 3 lower drawers are 5.5in. H x 27.5in. W x 19in. D.
  • Each drawer locks individually in the closed position as well as in the fully open position. One key locks 5 drawer set.
  • Strong drawer glides extend drawer to its full 19in. Depth for sight and access to the entire drawer. Capable of holding 400 lbs. each.
  • Stainless Steel top is durable and stands up in any weather condition, assures years of service.
  • Double wheel casters mounted at each corner of the cabinet and provide stability even in the roughest conditions. 2 casters lock.
  • Drawer front are designed to fit tight to cabinet protecting stored items from dust And dirt.
  • All steel, powder coated cabinet
  • 2 shallow height and 3 medium height drawers
  • Individual drawer locks and key lock for set of drawers
  • Fully extending glides. Drawers hold up to 400 lbs each
  • Stainless Steel top
  • Double wheel casters – two lock

Military Mobile Cabinet Specifications & Literature

Specifications for Military Mobile Cabinet

Model #34D556AF
  • Width: 30in. (76cm)
  • Depth: 21.5in. (55cm)
  • Height: 28in. (69cm)
  • Weight: 140lbs. (64kg)
  • Cabinet: Powder coated steel with Stainless Steel top
Military Mobile Cabinet 34D556AF

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military mobile cabinetry specificationsMilitary Mobile Cabinetry Specifications

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Treatment Cabinet Features

Treatment Cabinet Features

  • This is an economy cabinet with all-laminate exterior surfaces having dowel and glue construction.
  • Neutral Folkstone Gray exterior laminate with neutral laminate interior color.
  • One interior, adjustable, laminated shelf which measures 24-in. W x 10-in. D.
  • Easy grip 4-in. satin finished wire pulls on doors and drawer of the cabinet.
  • The drawer has self-closing laminate drawer slides with nylon rollers and positive stops.
  • The doors have concealed, self closing, 110°, three-way, adjustable Euro-Hinges.
  • Black kick board at base of the cabinet.
  • Economy cabinet with dowel and glue construction
  • Folkstone Gray laminated exterior
  • Adjustable, laminated shelf
  • 4-in. satin wire pulls
  • Three-way adjustable Euro-Hinges
  • Self closing drawer slides

Treatment Cabinet Specifications & Literature

Specifications for Treatment Cabinets

Model #14K735
  • Width: 30in. (76cm)
  • Depth: 16in. (41cm)
  • Height: 30in. (76cm)
  • Weight: 119lbs. (54kg)
  • Cabinet: Laminated particle board
treatment cabinet 14k735

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