Hamilton Medical – 128 Years of Product Innovation and Leadership

Hamilton’s Proud Past

1880 – Hamilton industries founded by James Edward Hamilton in Two Rivers, WI.
1881 – Hamilton secures first order for Wood Type for the print industry.
1896 – Hamilton factory begins production of Dental Cabinetry – American Cabinets.
1904 – Hamilton begins building laboratory furniture in partnership with Invincible Company of Manitowoc.
1917 – Hamilton begins receiving orders for wood blueprint filing units.
1918 – Hamilton fulfills last contract work order for airplane fuselages for WW-1 (40 per day at peak production).
1925 – Hamilton fulfills contract work orders for high quality, radio cabinets.
1930 – Hamilton begins production of steel laboratory equipment.
1931 – Hamilton begins production of Medical Exam Tables.
1935 – Hamilton continues to build “Child Craft” line of children’s furniture (Playpens, Potty chairs, Cribs)
1938 – Hamilton acquires the Invincible Company and assumes leadership of steel and wood lab. Equipment field.
1938 – Hamilton produces the first production clothes dryer (called the June Day” model) invented by J. Ross Moore.
1959 – Hamilton purchases the cafeteria Mobile Folding table line from Haldeman-Homme Inc. of Minneapolis.
1966 – Hamilton introduces the “Designer” line of fine furniture for schools to go with the mobile products.
1968 – Hamilton sells the Home Appliance line of products.
1968 – Hamilton is purchased by American Hospital Supply Corporation (AHSC).
1982 – Hamilton is purchased from AHSC by Charles L. Barancik.
1984 – Hamilton introduces the market leading minor surgery/examination table called the “IMAGE”.
1986 – Hamilton introduces Hamilton “MAX”, a truly innovative, table-based furniture system.

Hamilton Today

1990 – Hamilton Industries sells their Medical, Cabinetry and Cafeteria products to Mesa Industries.
1993 – Mesa Industries sells Medical and Cabinetry products to MDT Diagnostic Company (MDT) based in Rochester, NY.
1994 – MDT moves Medical and Cabinetry manufacturing from Elkhorn, WI to Charleston, SC.
1996 – Getinge Industrier AB acquires MDT to create a multi-divisional US-based Medical and Dental equipment firm.
1996 – Hamilton Medical Furniture Corp. (Hamilton Medical) acquires Medical equipment and Cabinetry product lines from MDT.
1997 – Hamilton Manufacturing Co. (HMC) opens metal fabrication, powdercoating, parts and cabinetry plant in Summerville, SC.
2000 – Hamilton Medical selected by PSS for launch of a private label Exam Table program (Millennium 2000).
2001 – Hamilton Medical ships first Cabinetry order overseas to Fulbourn Medical, based in the UK.
2002 – Hamilton Medical transitions sales, marketing and administrative operations from Milwaukee, WI to Summerville, SC
2003 – Hamilton Medical launches private-label Exam Table agreement with Amerinet Choice.
2004 – Hamilton Medical introduces the industry-leading bariatric Slide-out Footstep for E2 Series.
2005 – Hamilton Medical ships Exam Tables for use to support the war in Iraq.
2006 – Hamilton Medical introduces value-priced E2 S2 Exam Table for the US market.
2007 – Hamilton Medical introduces the two new Versatility Series (V2 and Hi-Lo Power) Treatment tables.
2008 – Hamilton Medical launches new web site (www.hamiltonmed.com)
2010 – Hamilton Medical expands Phlebotomy Chair selection and adds a Padded Bariatric Chair.
2012 – Hamilton Medical rolls out new literature for its line of exam tables and accessories.
2013 – Hamilton Medical launches new website.